5 Best Azerbaijan Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Looking to master the art of Azerbaijani cuisine?

Discover the ultimate collection of Azerbaijan cookbooks and recipe books that will transport you to the rich flavors and traditions of this captivating country.

Unearth mouthwatering recipes and culinary secrets, providing you with a delightful culinary adventure.

Embark on a gastronomic journey and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Azerbaijani cooking, all within the pages of these extraordinary books.

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and experience Azerbaijan’s culinary treasures like never before.

Top 5 Azerbaijan Cookbooks

Here is the list of Azerbaijan Cookbooks

  • Pomegranates and Saffron: A Culinary Journey to Azerbaijan by Feride Buyuran – Best Overall
  • Kaukasis: A Culinary Journey through Georgia, Azerbaijan & Beyond by Olia Hercules – Editor’s Choice
  • The Azerbaijani Kitchen: A Cookbook by Leyla Rahmanova and Tahir Amiraslanov – Best for Traditional Recipes
  • Azerbaijani Cookbook: Traditional Recipes from Azerbaijan by Liam Luxe – Best for Beginners
  • Taste of Persia: A Cook’s Travels Through Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, and Kurdistan by Naomi Duguid – Best for Regional Exploration

Pomegranates and Saffron by Feride Buyuran

“Pomegranates and Saffron: A Culinary Journey to Azerbaijan”.

This comprehensive guide offers over 200 mouthwatering Azerbaijani recipes, adapted for Western kitchens.

As you flip through the pages, you’ll be captivated by the vibrant photos, cultural anecdotes, and traditional proverbs related to food.

Feride’s passion for her homeland’s cuisine shines through, making this cookbook a must-have for anyone looking to explore the rich flavors of Azerbaijan.

So, buckle up your taste buds and get ready to dive into a world of pomegranates, saffron, and so much more!

Kaukasis A Culinary Journey through Azerbaijan by Olia Hercules

This vibrant gem offers over 100 recipes that celebrate the unique flavors and culinary heritage of the Caucasus region.

Olia’s storytelling prowess and passion for the region’s food culture shine through, making this cookbook a delightful read.

From Plum fruit leather to Armenian “cognac” profiteroles, you’ll be captivated by the earthy, unexpected dishes that bridge Europe and Asia.

So, buckle up and let Olia take you on a journey through the Caucasus without ever leaving your kitchen!

The Azerbaijani Kitchen by Leyla Rahmanova

This gem, shortlisted for the Gourmand Awards 2015: Best Eastern Europe Cuisine, is a delightful introduction to the ancient and varied Azerbaijani cuisine.

With over 100 mouth-watering recipes, you’ll be whipping up pilafs with apricots, aubergine kebabs, and sweet crescent pastries in no time.

The stunning photographs will make you feel like you’re dining in Azerbaijan, and the easy-to-follow recipes ensure your taste buds will be dancing with delight.

So, grab your apron and get ready to explore the eclectic flavors of Azerbaijani cuisine.

You won’t be disappointed! 

Azerbaijani Cookbook: Traditional Recipes from Azerbaijan by Liam Luxe

If you’re a beginner looking to dive into Azerbaijani cuisine, Liam Luxe’s “Azerbaijani Cookbook” is the perfect starting point.

This delightful cookbook offers more than 60 easy-to-follow recipes, ranging from traditional dishes to modern creations.

With its friendly and engaging tone, you’ll feel like you’re cooking alongside a humorous friend who’s guiding you through each step.

So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to explore the rich flavors of Azerbaijan with this award-winning cookbook for beginners.

Taste of Persia by Naomi Duguid

“Taste of Persia,” a cookbook that takes you on a flavorful journey through Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, and Kurdistan.

This award-winning book showcases the rich and diverse food traditions of the Persian culinary region, where fresh herbs, saffron, and pomegranate reign supreme.

With nearly 125 recipes, Duguid shares her discoveries from her intrepid travels, accompanied by captivating stories and photographs of people and places.

Many recipes are ultrasimple, making it easy for you to explore and recreate the flavors of this fascinating region in your own kitchen.

So, buckle up your taste buds and get ready to explore the culinary wonders of Persia with this delightful cookbook!

Final Say So!

Dive deep into the heart of Azerbaijani cuisine with these handpicked cookbooks, each a treasure trove of flavors, traditions, and culinary tales.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned chef, these books promise a gastronomic journey like no other.

So, gear up to embark on a culinary voyage to Azerbaijan, right from the comfort of your kitchen.

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