1 Best Downtown Italian Cookbook & Recipe Book

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Top 1 Downtown Italian Cookbook

Here is the list of Downtown Italian Cookbooks

  • Downtown Italian by Joe Campanale, Gabriel Thompson, and Katherine Thompson – Best Overall

Downtown Italian by Joe Campanale, Gabriel Thompson, and Katherine Thompson

“Downtown Italian” isn’t just a cookbook; it’s an invitation to the bustling streets of Greenwich Village.

The trio behind this masterpiece – Joe, Gabriel, and Katherine – have poured their heart and soul, mirroring the magic of their renowned restaurants: dell’anima, L’Artusi, L’Apicio, and Anfora.

Imagine sipping on a Basil Mojito, where mint takes a backseat, letting basil shine.

Or diving into a plate of Roasted Mushrooms, where every bite is a garlicky, salty, wild adventure.

And for those with a sweet tooth?

Katherine’s Espresso-Rum Almond Cake is a dance of flavors, promising a delightful end to any meal.

The book is a testament to their collaborative spirit, with Joe’s beverage expertise, Gabriel’s bold culinary twists, and Katherine’s sophisticated desserts.

It’s like having a piece of New York’s West Village right in your kitchen.

A must-have for those who appreciate the fine art of Italian cooking with a dash of New York sass.

Final Say So!

Dive into the heart of New York’s Italian culinary scene with “Downtown Italian.” From the bustling streets of Greenwich Village to your kitchen, experience authentic Italian flavors with a New York twist.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a newbie, this cookbook promises a gastronomic adventure you won’t forget.

Buon Appetito!

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