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About Me

Hi! I’m Renee and I’m always in the kitchen somewhere.  I’m either testing recipes, cooking for my family, cooking for clients in their home (personal chef), teaching classes, assisting Atlanta area chefs, working as a food stylist assistant, or doing something food related.

I’m an instructor/chef for Private Events at The Cook’s Warehouse in Atlanta, Ga.  I am also a Principal Assistant in the cooking school where I facilitate the execution and management of in-store events with culinary instructors and leading chefs across GA and the US.  

You can also find me working on the culinary teams of Mandy Landefeld, Lifestyle Expert (sumptuousliving.net), Chef Nancy Waldeck (tasteandsavor.com) and Mallory DeGolian, Food Stylist.  These ladies are amazing.

If I find myself with a few spare moments, you’ll find me taking online cooking classes from Chef Todd Mohr (webcookingclasses.com). He teaches how to cook by method, not recipes. I am able to create meals using ingredients that I already have on hand. No extra trip to the grocery store.

My recipe collection comes from my own recipes, chefs I have worked with, websites, cookbooks, family and friends. I encourage you to visit the websites, buy the cookbooks, subscribe to their emails. You won’t be disappointed.

I hope that you will invite me into your kitchen where I can cook for you and your family and/or help you become a better home chef.
I am licensed, insured and ServSafe certified.